3 Ways to Use a Call Handling Service

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A professional call handling service is pretty straightforward. Once a company hires the firm, their live operators will take any designated incoming calls. After answering in the manner that the company expects, they will note down any information and deliver it to the allocated business contact. Although simple, these services can be used to improve your organisation in three different ways.

Business Enquiry Line

For sole traders, partnerships or SMEs, a phone answering service can be used as a substitute for a permanent business enquiry line. Instead of paying a fulltime receptionist to take these calls, smaller corporate entities can simply hire one of these call bureaus as they are cheaper and much more flexible. They also avoid the need for expensive commercial phone systems. In this way, the SME can still rely on their mobile without seeming unprofessional or unreliable.

Emergency Overflow Service

In times of crisis, call volumes can surge making it difficult for your fulltime staff to handle all incoming messages. Hiring an overflow call handling service can help you maintain the same level of customer service even during these hectic occasions. Since these call bureaus are equipped with the latest technology, they can quickly divert a call through to an available operator before that person is on hold for too long.

After Hours Service

These days, people expect to get through to a business around the clock. Instead of having to hire someone to work overtime though, a telephone answering service can be used to take calls in the evenings, night times and on weekends. This means that your incoming calls will always be answered without the need for you to pay someone higher penalty rates. These call bureaus are a cost effective way for you to stay competitive and ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction no matter what the time is.

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