Could You Benefit from a Telephone Answering Service?

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If your company has ever lost a sale due to unanswered phone calls, the answer to this question is almost certainly yes. Virtual receptionist services can help firms of all sizes in a wide variety of ways but they are especially useful for smaller companies and solo operators who do not want to spend precious financial resources on salaries for full-time call handling staff. Below is a list of benefits that many firms enjoy when using a telephone answering service.

1. The ability to deal with a high volume of calls at certain times of the day.

Most companies do not have a steady stream of telephone enquiries spread evenly throughout each day. Instead, they find that there are certain times of the day when the volume of incoming calls rises significantly, which can make it very difficult to handle them efficiently. Taking on more staff is one possible solution but it is not usually the most cost effective. Outside of those peak hours, when the calls are coming thick and fast, the extra employees you hire will be sitting idle. By using a call handling service, you will only have to pay for the calls that are answered, making it a considerably cheaper option.

2. Improved client interaction.

When people call your company and are greeted by an answering machine or, even worse, the sound of a constantly ringing phone that is never answered, they are unlikely to be impressed and could well look elsewhere for the products or services they require. A 24-hour personalised answering service, manned by experienced call handlers, is an excellent way to ensure that this never happens to existing or prospective customers of your company.

3. Increased sales

When people are able to get straight through and talk to a real person rather than a machine, they are more likely to form a positive impression of your firm. The more effective your call handling procedures, the more likely it is that you will be able to convert enquiries into sales.

4. Enabling you and your employees to focus on providing a first-class service.

If you can never spend more than 5 minutes on any given task without being interrupted by a ringing phone, you probably find it difficult to get anything done during the average working day. Hiring an outside team to deal with customer enquiries could make it much easier for you to focus on your core responsibilities and result in a significant increase in employee productivity.

5. Reduced levels of stress.

Entrepreneurs often find that the sheer volume of calls they have to deal with leaves them feeling worn out and extremely stressed at the end of the day. With a virtual receptionist to share the load, life can be much easier.

Many businesses can benefit from telephone answering services, from plumbers working alone who need somebody to answer calls when they are out on a job to small start-ups that cannot afford to hire a full-time receptionist until they become more established.