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So, what can these businesses do to improve their business processes and compete more effectively with their rivals? One area that they can look at is Business Process Management (BPM), which is a methodical and systematic approach to making a business’s workflow more efficient, more effective, and better able to adapt to the changing needs of the modern business, not to mention the modern consumer.


Business Process Management (BPM) – Could It Work for Your Business?


Because BPM makes business processes more efficient it can most certainly work for your business, in fact, it can work for any business because, generally speaking, all business organisations have processes that could be made more effective.


Making business processes more efficient doesn’t always entail automation, though many processes can be made far more efficient and effective through automation, however all business processes can be controlled and measured, which is essential for seeing concrete gains, and that’s exactly why BPM can work for your business.


For example, should you choose to outsource your call handling processes to Netcall Solutions, you would be in full control of the processes with regard to when they are outsourced or kept in-house, and we would control the call handling processes with regard to quality control, and therefore manual practices such as call monitoring and employee training, as well as the technical aspects, like call quality, for instance.


There are many outstanding benefits associated with BPM, whether that’s to do with outsourced call handling or the implementation of BPM strategies and techniques in the workplace, including the following that should serve as the impetus for adopting BPM methodology and integrating it into your business practices and strategies.


  1. Improved cost effectiveness

BPM is a strategy that seeks to maximise cost effectiveness at every turn, whether you choose to automate processes, outsource processes, or modify processes.


  1. Enhanced customer focus

BPM can help you to deliver better customer experiences through enhanced customer focus by way of, for example, customisation and personalisation.


  1. Better business agility and flexibility

BPM helps businesses become more agile and flexible in a number of ways, for instance, employing workflows that can be quickly changed when required.


  1. Happier, more focused employees      

BPM improves worker satisfaction by making business processes easier, simpler, and less demanding, and also by empowering them to focus more on their work.

If your processes could be made more efficient and effective, if you believe that your customers deserve more focus and better experiences, if you recognise the need for enhanced business flexibility, and if you know that your employees could be happier in your workplace, then business process management will work for your business.


Outsourcing and Business Process Management


Outsourcing and BPM go hand in hand because outsourcing is a valuable tool that can be employed to make business processes more efficient and effective, along with more flexible, more adaptable to the changing needs of your business, and also more cost effective, which is often the benefit that most appeals to business owners.

The outsourcing of business processes is known to many as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which is essentially the contracting (outsourcing) of a business process or task like call handling, for instance, to a third-party service provider.


After evaluating your business processes you will find that many, though naturally not all, processes can be outsourced and made more efficient and cost effective along the way, with call handling and other telephone answering services among the top candidates to outsource to a suitable service provider, like Netcall Solutions.


Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Call Handling Processes


Many businesses of all sizes right across the UK are outsourcing their call handling processes by utilising services such as message taking, media response, and overflow call handling, and enjoying the four aforementioned benefits as a result – improved cost effectiveness, enhanced customer focus, better business agility and flexibility, and happier employees.

To help you understand how outsourcing your call handling processes to Netcall Solutions can benefit your business, let’s look at those four benefits again in the context of outsourced call handling.


  1. Improved cost effectiveness

Outsourced call handling improves cost effectiveness by minimising the need for fulltime employees to answer the phones, by empowering staff to concentrate on their core tasks which improves productivity, and by eliminating the need for call handling training, among many other notable areas.


  1. Enhanced customer focus

Outsourced call handling enhances customer focus by delivering superior customer experiences over the phone. It puts the customer at the focus of the call, and makes them feel important and their business appreciated, by way of good old fashioned customer service.


  1. Better business agility and flexibility

Outsourced call handling can improve business agility and flexibility when a business outsources their call handling needs to a telephone answering service provider like Netcall Solutions that provides them with an extensive selection of flexible call handling options for them to select from.


  1. Happier, more focused employees      

Outsourced call handling results in happier and more focused employees because it enables them to focus on the tasks they were employed to do rather than answer the phone, thus breaking their concentration and making it difficult for them to refocus on the task they were working on at the time.

Business process management and outsourcing can help you to make your business processes more efficient and effective, more agile and flexible, and deliver a wealth of benefits such as better customer experiences and happier, more satisfied staff. Why not start implementing BPM strategies and outsourcing your call handling processes to Netcall Solutions today?