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Whether it’s an accident at work or an inquiry into PPI (Payment protection insurance) you want to ensure your clients are getting the best from your business.

Utilising a virtual receptionist for your claims management company, could be a step in the right direction. Your clients will have constant access to your services, even when you’re not personally available.
Any new or existing customers will be able to speak to a company representative, any time of day. Not to mention the many benefits it gives to promote customer loyalty, sales/leads and many more to come.

What is a virtual receptionist?


You’re probably wondering what a virtual receptionist is, and how it can benefit your claims management company.
First things first, is to define what a virtual receptionist is and what it can do for you. The basis of it is, is a service offering receptionist and administrative capabilities, without the physical presence of an actual receptionist. So, you’d have a representative introducing your business, whenever you need them too. You can select from an array of services available, from what times you wish this to be in place or whether you want it round the clock.

You may find you only need it for when you’re in a meeting with your face to face employees, or when you’re in a peak season of calls.
However, it is there to make your life easier. Say someone is calling to inquire about a claim, they will be put through to a highly qualified call handler, who will know your industry background. You can devise a script you wish them to introduce your company or you can leave it in their professional hands. After a call has come through, they can do many things from here onwards. Whether this be transferring a call through, taking an appointment, arranging a call back or getting a message ready to reach its designated channel.
In hindsight, it’s like having a few extra pair of hands but without having the mammoth task of hiring multiple new employees.

The benefits


Now you know the basic tasks of a virtual receptionist, you may be asking yourself what benefits will this bring to your claims management business.

It’s cost effective


As said before, hiring new staff is such a task in itself. If you want your business to grow, that means your numbers in staff have to grow. Let’s face it, dealing with an increasing number of claims is only going to cause you more stress and you don’t want to be in a position that you’re not working to the best of your ability.

With a virtual receptionist, you are just paying for the service and the rest is taken care of. None of this job advertising or having to interview potential candidates. Then there’s the consideration of fitting a new salary into your budget and what you will do when the prospects of holiday and sick pay come into play.
Hiring new staff really is rather stressful, but with a virtual receptionist you will save a fortune. More money saved can only mean more profit or potential investment plans.


It can make your business seem bigger than it is


If you’re a fairly new, small or remote business, you may not quite have yourself a reputation yet. Or even if you’ve been going a while and are yet to build yourself up. You want new and existing customers to think you have a strong business base, and that you are able to afford a receptionist. By having a representative to answer your calls, shows a sense of importance to your customers. This will create a great first impression if you have someone introducing your company and then being able to put them through to the right place. With so many competing claims management companies, you want yours to stand out as the bigger better business. Your clients will only be impressed.


Your customers will always be able to get through


You will literally never miss a call again. Whether this be just a call or an out of hours message. You can set up a service that gives your customers flexibility to when they need you. Most other claims management companies will be 9-5 working hours, as like yourselves, but unfortunately a potential claim is 24/7. By utilising an out of hours service, your customers can reach you without a worry. Say for an example a potential client wants to inquire about a claim on a weekend, well now they can. Even better is that this can help you on an international basis. If you have clients on another time zone, they can still contact you. You may have clients travelling for work or away on a holiday. But now they will be able to reach you regardless or what time they are on.


It will promote customer loyalty


If a new client is happy with your services; it’s more than likely they will use you again and even recommend you to a friend. More customers means more business.
To increase your customer loyalty, you have to show your clients you are there for them. In the claims industry, your clients are potentially wanting to seek justice and financial reward. You want to show them that you are there for them, around the clock.
Using a virtual receptionist will do exactly this. If they know they can always rely on you, then they are only going to use you again. Even out of hours, they will know they can get their message to reach the appropriate place and therefore be satisfied with your business.
So, what are you waiting for?




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How many claims managements companies in the UK?

There are approximately 3,000 claims management companies in the UK. These are all regulated under the Compensation Act 2006 by the Ministry of Justice.
The majority of these companies operate in the sectors of financial services and personal injuries.


How do claims management companies work?

The main purpose of a claims management company is to offer advice to the general public regarding a selection of claims matters. This may include:

  • Personal injury
  • PPI (Payment protection insurance)
  • Criminal injury compensation scheme
  • Employment law
  • Case advertisement
  • Investigating circumstances
  • Industrial injuries
  • Housing disrepair
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