Call Handling Key to Effective Marketing Campaigns

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Most SME bosses understand the importance of establishing a positive image for their company and maintaining a highly visible public profile at all times. What some fail to realise is that all the cash that is spent on marketing activities to achieve these aims could be money down the drain if their call handling abilities are found to be lacking. Recent research has shown that effective handling of telephone enquiries by commercial enterprises can have a marked effect – and a very positive one – on how they are perceived by the general public.

If you want to make sure that your business does not let itself down as far as answering the call to action from prospective customers is concerned, the following tips are well worth bearing in mind.

  • Ensure that all calls are answered in a professional manner, by a real person and not a machine. If you do not have the money available to hire enough full-time employees to achieve this goal, consider using an outside call handling service to pick up the slack whenever necessary.
  • Brief staff fully, whether using your own people or an external team. If your call handlers are saying the wrong things to potential clients, you need to rectify the problem at the earliest possible opportunity. You really do only get one chance to make a good first impression.
  • Be available 24/7 – it may cost a little more but it is definitely worth thinking about ensuring that calls to your company are always answered by a real person, no matter what time it is.

It is a fact that both consumers and business customers are more likely to form a positive opinion of your company if their calls are always answered politely and efficiently, and any requests that they make are dealt with in an expeditious manner.

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