How Call Handling Solutions Can Help Your Business to Grow

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Outsourcing has emerged as an excellent, cost-effective means of helping businesses to grow without sacrificing professionalism in any way. Nevertheless, there are still many criteria to consider when ascertaining whether a business function can be effectively outsourced or should be kept in-house. These criteria include:

  • The task isn’t central to your profit-generating activities
  • It’s more cost-effective to outsource it than keep it in-house
  • It’s an activity that isn’t ordinarily included in your employees’ job descriptions
  • It’s a temporary need or something cyclical, for instance, a seasonal task
  • It’s a routine task that wastes employees’ time and/or energy

It’s of the utmost importance that you consider these points when evaluating the feasibility of outsourcing a task if the purported benefits are to prove tangible.

Call Handling Solutions

Call handling solutions have proved highly advantageous for a wealth of businesses in a wide array of industries and sectors to utilise. Consequently, your business will also benefit by utilising one of the many call handling solutions available to you.

Call handling takes many forms, all of which can be described as the management of inbound, and sometimes outbound, telephone calls. There are a number of call handling solutions to take advantage of, including:

Message Taking Services

There are many reasons why businesses have need of message taking services. As you surely know well, there will always be times when you and your employees are too busy to give incoming phone calls the attention they deserve, but as every call is important and must be answered professionally, you can’t leave things to chance.

A message taking service is easy to arrange and it doesn’t have to be a permanent arrangement because you have the option of using the service only when necessity dictates, for instance, when you’re out of the office, meeting with clients, or in an important business meeting and don’t wish to be interrupted.

Once you’ve decided upon an established call handling service provider, like Netcall Solutions, to take messages on your behalf, you simply divert your incoming calls to their call centre, they answer your calls for you in a courteous and professional manner, take messages and send them to you via your preferred method; email, SMS or fax.

Message taking services are similar in many regards to call handling solutions such as temporary and holiday call cover, a service which is perfect for when receptionists have taken leave, and overflow call handling, the ideal solution for those hectic times when everyone is unable to answer the phone or busy taking other calls.

Media Response Services

Implementing a new advertising and marketing strategy can be time-consuming, but not only that, it can also lead to an increased influx of incoming calls, which is exactly what such strategies are intended to do.

However, whilst it’s a positive thing to have an increase in the number of enquiries your business receives, it’s essential that each and every call is answered professionally, which can prove difficult to do without hiring more staff to answer those extra calls.

As it’s likely the case that you don’t want to hire new employees just to help you manage the increased number of phone calls, this is where media response services will prove so invaluable.

How Call Handling Solutions Can Help Your Business to Grow

So how can call handling solutions like message taking and media response help your business organisation to grow? After all, it seems a bit much to expect that just because your incoming calls are diverted to a call centre that your business will start to expand accordingly, or is it?

There are actually many ways in which outsourcing your call handling needs can help your business to expand, such as:

Making an Excellent First Impression upon a Potential Customer

Quite often the first contact a business has with a potential customer is on the phone and we all know just how important it is to make an excellent first impression. When you outsource your call handling needs to an established call centre, you can be certain that the first point of contact that potential customers have with your business is a favourable one.

This ensures that right from the first moment of contact they’re confident about your organisation’s ability to deliver outstanding products and/or services – don’t forget that customer service standards reflect on every aspect of your business.

Increased Word-of-Mouth Referrals

People tend to remember their best and worst experiences as customers, so it’s exceptionally important that their experiences with your business fall into the former rather than the latter category.

Whilst research on the subject indicates that an excellent customer experience may result in the person telling just one or two others about it, this research also shows that when someone has a poor customer experience that they’re likely to tell between nine and twenty people about the terrible time they had.

By delivering excellent customer experiences as a result of outsourcing your call handling needs to a leading call handling service provider, you aren’t only increasing the number of favourable word-of-mouth recommendations your organisation receives, but also minimising the chances of poor customer service experiences occurring that could result in poor publicity.

Maximise Opportunities

Nearly every phone call is an opportunity to capitalise upon and it’s therefore essential to never miss a call. By utilising call handling services like message taking, you can be confident that each and every call to your phone lines is answered professionally. This helps you to maximise the number of opportunities you have to capitalise upon.

When you’ve expended a significant amount of capital on advertising and marketing with the aim of driving more enquiries to your phone lines, to have calls go unanswered would amount to a waste of money that could have been better spent.

Call handling solutions like message taking, media response and overflow call handling have empowered many business organisations to grow. Why not find out for yourself what call handling solutions can empower your business to do today?

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