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Does your business receive high volumes of incoming calls?

If you need a professional call handling service, look no further than Net Call Solutions. We have a team of expert call handlers who can take calls for you and pass on all messages straight away

Do you have a large volume of inbound calls? It can be hard to keep on top of them in a busy working environment, but it can be made easier with our call handling services. When you employ the services of Netcall Solutions, all phone calls will be automatically directed to our bureau and answered by our team members. We will take a note of all messages and pass them on via your preferred means, from SMS to email.

Our team members have experience managing calls for companies in a wide range of sectors, including accountancy, technology, leisure, and more. Whether you are in a meeting or away on holiday, our call handling services are in operation 24 hours a day, so you never miss those vital messages.

Once you are set up with Netcall Solutions, you will notice the benefits immediately. Your business will no longer feel understaffed, and you can focus on what really matters, safe in the knowledge that you can respond to your messages at a convenient time to you and your team.

Our services are ideal for businesses of all sizes, large and small. Whatever size your business may be, we can tailor your call handling package to suit your requirements. Even if you require professional call handling at short notice, we will always be on hand to help with our temporary cover service.

With Netcall Solutions, you are in total control of your call handling plan. Feel free to adjust your package at any time according to your budget and the needs of your business. When you get in touch, we will be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote.

What is Call Handling?

Call handling services allow a business to outsource their incoming calls or part of their telephone answering service to a specialist call handling provider. The call handlers’ answer calls on the businesses’ behalf and provide end to end support on all enquiries in the most appropriate way. This could range from; filtering calls to the appropriate department, arranging appointments or booking call outs. Differing from telephone answering services that generally just take a name, number and a quick message, a call handling service will take the customer through their journey until their needs are met, whether that be resolved on the phone or after the call or with a call back from a member of your internal team.

Why Should you Consider Call Handling for your Company?

Despite the increasing sophistication in communication technology, using the telephone is still the most commonly used method of B2B and B2C communication. Customers prefer talking to a physical person as information is less likely to get misconstrued compared to an email or an online chat tool.

How many times have you called a company hotline to be told that you are the tenth caller in line? Worse still when you do eventually get connected, your call is answered by a frustrated employee, rushed off their feet and not able to answer your query effectively. With a call handling service, incoming calls can be transferred to dedicated, trained staff who are able to handle enquiries quickly and effectively and provide your customers with a quick and easy answer.


We understand that every company will have different needs when it comes to inbound call services. That’s why we offer bespoke packages that combine a number of elements that will be of benefit to your business. Some of the core elements could contain:


Switchboard Service – A call handler takes all incoming calls to the business and connects them with the relevant person or department, if contact is not made they take a message and email the query over.


Overflow and Out of Hours Service – It could prove cost effective to only instruct a call handling service outside of business hours or during peak times. This could provide a good basis for a 24/7 helpline or emergency response line to your company.


Customer Service Hotline – Call handlers can manage your customer service line with queries such as taking the initial information from the caller so that when you speak to them you are prepared for the call with the correct information.

Appointment Booking – Call handlers can be used to manage your diary or calendar and book appointments or meetings on your behalf.

How Can Netcall Solutions Help?

At Netcall Solutions, we provide a truly bespoke package to businesses that can be integrated into your business to provide your customers with a seamless journey that supports end to end customer satisfaction.

To achieve operational effectiveness within your business today, simply give us a call and see how we can help you today.

To find out more about Netcall Solutions’ specialised and competitively priced Message Taking services, call the team now on.
Alternatively, use our contact page to send a message directly to our enquiries team who’ll respond to your enquiry quickly.
A Few Reasons Why More People Are Choosing Netcall Solutions To Handle Their Telephone Answering Needs:

WE WORK 24/7/365

You have live call answering service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

no monthly fee to pay

Plus, a quick and simple call handling set-up service… you can be live within 24 hours!

We're UK Based

Highly trained UK based operators will take your messages… no overseas call centres used!

You're in control

We have flexible call answering plans to suit every budget and you can change it whenever you like.

Add On Smarter Virtual Numbers

Have a small business phone number that you have complete control over, for less than 65p per day, using your dashboard, you can route your number anywhere, including a virtual receptionist.
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