How You Can Take Your Inbound Marketing Campaign to the Next Level

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Inbound marketing, according to a variety of sources, has been the most effective form of marketing since 2006. It differs from outbound marketing in that it doesn’t entail marketing activities which involve the marketer going to potential customers in order to bring them in, but instead focuses on the production of content that attracts people, and in turn, brings them closer to the company, its products and its services.

Good examples of inbound marketing techniques therefore include search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), but also social media and blogging, one of the best ways to create juicy content that works many wonders, like establishing your company as an authority on something central to your business.

Search engine optimisation

SEO has become essential practice in the digital marketing age. Essentially, it’s the practice of making alterations and changes to a website in order to aid it in ranking higher on search engine results pages. Keywords and phrases are used to facilitate this, but the emphasis must always be on natural language. Avoid anything spammy.


As with search engine optimisation, keywords play a major role in pay-per-click advertising, and once again, your audience is searching for you instead of you seeking them. However, in this instance the keywords are paid for to provide assurances.

Social media

A good way to view social media in the context of inbound marketing is to see it as a tool that empowers users to exercise their freedom of choice. This is significant since users can choose to stop following you just as easily as they can choose to follow you.

Basically, they could become a fan and through their association expose your company to their friends, or they could close those doors completely. As a result, the content you share on social media needs to be engaging, worthy of sharing, and just as much about the user as it is your company – don’t make it all about promotions.


A great way to create content to share on social media and push your website higher up the ranks on search engine results pages, blogging offers many excellent benefits, including establishing your company as a legitimate expert on topics central to your products and services.

Blogging content, therefore, has to be all about value, providing information that your target audience actively seeks out because it answers their questions and aids them with their needs. Blogging is an integral aspect of brand building and must therefore please, not annoy your audience – you want them to share the content you create.

Major themes of inbound marketing

A complex concept if there ever was one, there are many major themes that inbound marketing covers, most of which are very easy to understand, and in fact, will surely make perfect sense even to those with limited marketing experience of any kind.

Inbound marketing is multi-channel by nature

Content must be created and distributed through a variety of channels because inbound marketing aims to interact with consumers via their preferred channel.

Potential customers could be anywhere – you need to reach out to them by using a variety of mediums and let them decide which one they choose to use.

Create content answering questions and needs

When content answers the questions and addresses the needs of a target audience they’re more likely to find it useful, and consequently, share it.

What topics are central to your business and how can the knowledge and advice you offer answer your target audience’s questions and help them meet their needs? Good quality content attracts, answers, aids, and subsequently, gets shared.

Personalise content for your target audience

This comes down to creating content answering the questions and addressing the needs of a target audience. Get to know your audience better and you’ll find you’re better able to personalise your content to their specific needs and wants.

Tailored content is craved by audiences, however, never presume to know your audience, instead continually get to know them better and gradually personalise your content over time as you gain a better understanding of their wants, their needs, and of course, their interests.

Successful integration equals effectiveness

Integration refers to the amalgamation of the content you create, the mediums you publish that content on, and the tools, analytical and otherwise, that you use to identify user trends. When successful, this allows you to target your audience using the right channels at the right time, and that makes for effective inbound marketing.

These are the major themes associated with inbound marketing. Each of which is important and must be afforded equal priority because each aspect overlaps one another and comes together to create accessible content that’s relevant, helpful, worthy of sharing, and perhaps most importantly, isn’t annoying or interruptive, a prominent complaint among modern consumers forever bombarded with images, logos, slogans, and whatever else makes up most marketing agency arsenals.

Driving enquiries to your telephone lines

With good quality, shareable content and strong calls to action you can effectively drive new enquiries to your phone lines. This is one of the aims of most, though not all companies – some companies are predominantly based online and conduct their marketing efforts that way – but what happens when your phones start ringing off the hook and your staff just can’t keep up with the influx of calls you are now receiving?

Our Media Response Solutions are sure to be exactly what you’re in need of. Our highly experienced and trained receptionist staff are on hand to answer your calls, along with any questions potential new customers may have about your products and services.

With their expert phone manner that instantly conveys a professional impression of your company to callers, and their expertise at using different software programs, including the innovative Quick Address software that enables us to obtain accurate addresses from callers, our team will quickly gather the data and information you require to take your next inbound marketing campaign to the next level. And beyond.

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