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In the past, most people’s jobs involved sitting behind a desk most of the day, and the furthest they’d stray from their phone was probably during lunch time. However, times have changed a lot. With more workers taking advantage of remote technology, and perhaps working across multiple sites, as well as taking the time to visit clients. All these things mean that there are fewer workers sitting at their desk, and therefore it can be easier to miss calls. Although mobile phones can help a little, it’s not advisable to answer calls when you’re driving, and not always possible to find a quiet environment, which is why so many people are using answering services to take their calls.

Professional call services

When you redirect your phone to an answering service, you want to know that there will be a professional on the other end who can speak to your clients, co-workers, and personal callers, and deal with them in a polite manner. In addition to message taking, you might want them to answer basic queries or let them know when you’ll be back in the office. It all depends on your specific needs.

Your chosen medium

Phone calls are not always convenient, and you may be halfway through an important piece of work or be distracted by something else when the phone rings. That’s why it’s worth having a phone answering service on hand to take calls whenever you can’t pick up the phone yourself. The operator will politely take the call, get all the relevant information and sent it to you via your chosen medium such as:


  • E-mail
  • Fax
  • Text message (SMS)
  • A phone call when you are available

You can then decide whether you need to act on things right away, or whether you should continue with what you’re doing. It’s much more convenient than having to listen to voicemails, as you can politely excuse yourself to return the call if needed, or simply wait until a better time.


Quick answer

Nobody wants to wait while a phone rings and rings, which is why it’s important to have someone pick it up right away. Anyone who calls will get your standard greeting, be told politely that you’re not available – i.e. that you’re in a meeting or at lunch – and a message can be taken. This means they’re less likely to run off to a competitor, or get frustrated at not being able to get through to you. Nobody wants to miss out on an important business call, and having someone on the other end of the phone helps you avoid just that.

Leave your mobile behind

While mobile phones can be incredibly convenient and can help us stay in touch, many of us tire of having to answer them all the time. You may find yourself having a rare day off, yet will still receive calls, texts, and e-mails relating to work. If you don’t want to have to deal with work on certain days, then consider using message taking services for your work number. You can then call up at a time to suit you and get all your messages, and won’t be distracted by a constantly beeping smartphone.

Prioritising your workload

There are many times in life where work can get overwhelming, and this can include days where you get dozens of callers all vying for your attention. If you’re out and about, then it can be difficult to get in touch with them all, so prioritising calls is usually the easiest way to keep things running smoothly.

If you have someone to take messages for you, there are many options for having them sent through, or you can call and check. You can then decide which things are the most important, and return these calls at your earliest convenience.

Easy to divert

If you want to divert your calls to an answering service, it’s simple, and once it’s set up it takes just seconds to do. If you need to nip out of the office, have too many calls coming in while you’re trying to do a project, or simply need a proper break, then just get your calls diverted and you can enjoy the peace. Once you’re ready to take calls again, then switch it back.

UK operators

It’s important that messages are captured accurately to avoid misunderstandings, and so when there’s an emergency this can be communicated to you. That’s why it makes sense to use an answering service based in the UK, so you can be sure communication between you is easy, and that clients who call get the best level of service.

24/7 answering

Nobody wants their work to drag late into the evening, especially when you’re trying to enjoy family time. Therefore, you may need a service that covers your phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that when you’ve switched off for the evening, your phone will still be answered, and that even when you’re overseas or on the move, you won’t miss anything important. Everyone gets the occasional important call out of hours, and this means that they’re answered quickly, with a message sent straight to you.

Nobody wants to sit behind a desk all day, and there are lots of important things to do that will have you out and about. However, it’s easy to miss calls on your mobile, and nobody wants to be answering calls while they’re driving or busy in meetings. By simply switching your calls to a message taking service, you can be sure that UK based operators are dealing with your clients and taking accurate messages to pass on to you. Then, you can simply prioritise what needs to be dealt with, and will have texts or emails as a reminder of calls you need to return. Next time you need the office, don’t worry about missing calls, simply switch on your answering service and enjoy your day out.

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