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Ecologically Sound Telephone Answering Services

The practical advantages of hiring a professional team of telephone operatives to handle calls that your employees are unable to take are fairly obvious – lower staffing costs, a better experience for your customers and no missed sales due to unanswered calls – but the environmental advantages are equally appealing, once you dig a little deeper to discover them.

  1. Less travel time – by using staff located in a remote call centre, you avoid the larger corporate carbon footprint that would result from hiring additional full-time employees who are expected to travel to your offices every day. Whilst the operatives at a call centre obviously have to travel to work too, they normally provide telephone answering services to a number of different clients throughout the day, thereby spreading their carbon footprint more effectively.
  1. Lower energy usage – any extra employees you hire to answer your phones would require more office space. This space would of course need to be heated and illuminated, which would increase your annual energy consumption. Putting the costs involved with such a move to one side for a moment, the increase in greenhouse gases for which your firm would be directly responsible would do nothing for its environmental credentials. Working with a remote team would avoid these issues completely.
  1. Digital communications – telephone answering professionals are trained to communicate with clients in the most effective manner possible and will pass messages through using digital communications technology such as SMS and email. This is in sharp contrast to the average corporate sales office, where messages are still often passed around on notepads and post-its. An efficient call handling service could reduce your firm’s in-house paper usage quite significantly.
  1. No idle staff members – if you opt for an , you will only be paying for the calls that are answered on your behalf. At any time during the working day when your existing team are able to handle the volume of calls being made, you will not be paying for additional employees to sit around doing nothing. This far more efficient method of dealing with large numbers of customer enquiries at certain times of the day results in lower costs for your business and a correspondingly smaller impact on the environment too.
  1. Less traffic on local roads – businesses that are located close to residential areas will find that an efficient telephone answering service can help them to cope with an increase in sales enquiries without upsetting their neighbours in the process. This is sure to have a very positive effect on your image with local customers and should benefit the environment too. As mentioned earlier, call handling professionals usually provide a service to a number of different companies throughout the course of the average working day so create less congestion than would be the case if each of these companies employed their own call handling team.
  1. Less waste – less staff at your head office means less waste produced by your workforce. Environmental waste disposal policies can mitigate the negative effects your corporate rubbish has on the natural world but producing less waste in the first place is by far the most efficient solution to this potentially problematic issue.
  1. Lower recruitment overheads – companies that employ extra staff to help deal with a greater volume of calls at busier times of the year often find that they have to invest a substantial amount of time and money in their recruitment operations in order to do so. Temporary workers may incur less overheads than permanent employees but every time you recruit them, you need to find, interview, train, deploy and, eventually, dispense with their services. This cycle can become very costly in terms of the man hours that need to be invested in each stage, not to mention the cost of advertising and administration. All this extra activity needs to be paid for somehow and inefficient business processes are always harder on the environment, for obvious reasons.
  1. Preventing urban sprawl – unless you have an unlimited amount of existing office space in which to expand, using a telephone answering service could reduce the amount of urban sprawl for which your company is responsible. Building new offices to accommodate more staff is an inevitable consequence of business expansion but you can limit the number of times it is necessary to do so by outsourcing call handling to a specialist provider. In the event that a sudden increase in turnover should be reversed, this approach could also save your company a great deal of money that might otherwise have been spent on building new offices that turn out to be surplus to requirements.

More Profits, Less Pollution

The great thing about improving your environmental credentials by using a professional call handling service is that all of the benefits mentioned above will save your company money too. Reducing your carbon footprint and your running costs at the same time is a very attractive proposition that is sure to appeal to your board of directors as much as it does to your customers. If you would like to find out just how easy it could be for your company to make these positive changes, get in touch with Netcall Solutions today to discuss your requirements. Our team is ready and waiting to help you become more productive, more cost effective and kinder to the environment.

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