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Call scoring forms have become a commonly used tool in most call centres across the world. Whilst you mightn’t feel the need to score your employees on how they interact with clients over the phone, it must be said that there are actually quite a number of benefits afforded to businesses that evaluate their employees’ phone manners. And not only receptionists either, as all employees who consult with clients by phone should be made aware of the areas in which improvements are called for.


First impressions are the most important impressions so it’s essential that clients are greeted politely and professionally when they call. Evaluate the following:

  • How they introduce themselves
  • How welcoming they come across
  • How quickly they ask for the client’s name

Problem-solving skills

Clients rarely call just to touch base, they usually call because they have a problem in need of resolving. When evaluating their problem-solving skills, look for:

  • Their willingness to apologise for the problem
  • The way they take ownership of the problem
  • How they go about looking for a solution

Phone etiquette

Whilst the employee mightn’t be a receptionist or in a similar position, good phone etiquette is still a must. Ensure all employees:

  • Are polite at all times
  • Use courteous words
  • Don’t interrupt the client

Call handling skills

These skills generally apply to receptionists and employees in similar positions, so there’s little point to evaluating staff who rarely need to transfer a call to another staff member or placing a client on hold. However, it should be expected that they have basic call handling skills if they regularly confer with clients over the phone. Evaluate:

  • How they transfer phone calls
  • How they place clients on hold
  • How they conference with colleagues

Customer service quality

All members of staff should exhibit good customer service standards when talking with clients by phone. A friendly phone manner is a must for all employees, but also evaluate:

  • Regular use of the caller’s name
  • Addressing of the client’s needs
  • Ability to prove correct answers


It’s important to end a phone conversation correctly by thanking the client for calling, or waiting to be called back, after having ensured all their questions were answered. Ensure employees:

  • Thanked the client for taking the time to call
  • Said goodbye and addressed them by name
  • Asked if there was anything else they could help with

Call scoring forms are a great idea, but they’re not a necessity for employees whose core tasks don’t entail regular interactions with clients over-the-phone.

To ensure high customer service standards at all times, use our affordable and reliable call handling and message taking services which empower businesses to make the impression they want to make on clients when they call.

When your employees are competent and totally confident with their over-the-phone interactions with clients, and your receptionists are backed up with our call handling services – like overflow call handling for busy periods – your business will establish itself as an organisation that’s renowned for delivering excellent customer service.

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