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Yes, you can divert your calls to us at anytime, whenever you like, as often as you like, you have complete control!

No, you simply need to subscribe to the ‘Call Diversion’ service which is provided by your network provider or utilse the diversion features within your telephone system.

You will need to contact them if you don’t already have the service in place.

Whenever your phone is left unattended, busy, or you simply want to work without being disturbed… you can easily setup your phone line to automatically divert those phone calls to Netcall Solutions.

There are 3 phone call diversion packages for you to choose from:

1 – divert when engaged, or no reply
*66* plus your personal number #

This is the most popular option – to divert calls when your line is engaged, or no reply after 15 seconds. allowing you to relax, knowing that wherever you are or whatever you are doing… Netcall Solutions are always there to take your calls.

2 – divert only when engaged

*67* plus your personal number #

With this option, you can divert your calls to Netcall Solutions just when your own phone line is engaged. so, if your line is busy, the call will be transfered to one of our receptionists without delay.

3 – divert all calls

*21* plus your personal number #

Never miss a single call!… All of your phone calls are diverted to the experienced Netcall Solutions telephone PAs immediately. this is particularly effective if you are on holiday, or your office is unmanned and you need to set your phone system to permanent divert.
Remember, you are always in complete control of when you want us to take your calls for you. simply cancel the diversion if, at any time, you prefer not to send calls to us… it is as simply as that!

Call diversion works the same way on BT, Telewest or NTL lines. you may need to contact your phone line/system supplier if you don’t already have it in place. Alternative diversion services are available please contact your Netcall Solutions account manager.

Yes, We will provide you with a dedicated number just for your business calls. When your number is called this will automatically pop your screen up in front of the telephone PA, enabling them to answer with your company name and your preferred greeting!

Messages are sent via email to you immediately. You will be sent a summary of all of your calls via email every day, at a time and to an email address of your choice. We also offer a mobile phone text service for an extra 12p per message. Alternatively we can patch calls directly to your landline or mobile.
Yes, you need only activate the divert to us when you want us to take your calls for you.
Our systems can handle over 300 calls per hour, so we can take simultaneous calls for you within 7 seconds of the calls coming through to us. Simply set your call diversion to us, so that if you are on the phone, or away from your desk, we can take the calls for you.
Yes, every one of the calls are answered by a member of our team of experienced PAs working from our bureau based in Bournemouth. We never channel any of the calls to anywhere else in the UK, or abroad.
We know only to well that when you are out and about, in a meeting or driving in your car, it is not always convenient to take business calls. If you like, once we have taken the call for you, we can then text you the message immediately, so you can respond to that person at a more convenient time.

Every organisation, no matter how large or small, misses calls. This can be for a number of reasons but, mainly because your operator(s) are already engaged on the phone.

Calls are then being held in a queue, so callers simply hang up! With every call of this nature being diverted to us you can ensure it is answered and a message taken, so you are able get back to them. No more missed calls! And the caller will still think they are speaking to your business and will be reassured that the person that they want to speak to will call them back.

Yes. For whatever reason, if your call volume increases, or decreases significantly, simply contact your dedicated Netcall Solutions account manager who will happily adjust the telephone answering package you require to a more suitable one.
Our offices are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, yes. It is our standard service to every one of our customers. Call us today FREE on 01202 065 065 and find out just how this can work for your business.
We would hold certain information about your business as standard, to help us assist callers. For example, your postal address, fax number, email addresses, website, etc… so we can provide to those who are just after this information. No one ever expects a ‘receptionist’ to know all the answers and we would always advise the caller that the person most suited to help them with their enquiry will get back to them as soon as possible. We are acutely aware that the best person to talk about your business… is you!

Simply call 01202 065 065 for free and talk to a member of our sales team. We will discuss your individual telphone service requirements and, subject to an agreement and the payment for the service you choose, we can be up and running within 24 to 48 hours… remember, we are just waiting for your call!

If your question has not been answered, simply contact Netcall Solutions today!

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