How a Call Answering Service Can Increase Business Profitability

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How many business calls do you think you’ve missed? You may not even know. Now imagine you never miss a call again. What could this mean for you business?

Call answering could massively help with increasing your business profitability, as no missed calls means no missed business opportunities.

The benefits certainly outweigh the costs, as investing in a service that can only better your business, is a no brainer. At Netcall Solutions we offer a range of call handling, call answering, and virtual receptionist services that could transform your business – find out how.

If you’re a small or remote business, you may just not have the staff to answer a high demand of calls. A call answering service can give the impression that your company is a lot bigger than it is. Especially if the service your choice involves a virtual receptionist, this gives a great first impression to both new and existing customers. It shows your business is organised and growing.

There are endless reasons how a call answering service can increase your business activity, and here are 8 main reasons why.

1. Cost

The money involved with hiring new staff, paying for sickness, holidays etc. is quite frankly off putting if you’re a small business owner. Every penny counts in order for your business to grow. By using a call answering service, eliminates the fear of these costs. Hiring a virtual receptionist is not only 20% cheaper than an actual receptionist, and you never have to worry about a sick day again.

In addition to this, if you set up a service that you pay per call, if every other call results in a lead or a sale, the service is basically paying for itself. This can only mean more profit, and therefore more investment back into your business.

2. Creating the illusion of size

If a new customer calls and is greeted by a receptionist, this gives them the illusion that your company is bigger than it is. And whilst you’re trying to compete with other established companies, this puts you above the rest if you have someone on the frontline representing you.

Having a trained professional to answer your calls gives off a great first impression. They are trained to greet your customers in the most welcoming of ways.

If a customer feels valued from the start, they are more likely to make a sale or recommend to a friend.

They really are a great asset to your business.

3. You’ll never miss a call again

Whether you’re in a meeting or simply just too busy to answer, no worries, call answering has got you covered.
With a call answering service you literally never have to worry about missing an important call again. With call answering services such as:

  • Message taking
  • Overflow call handling
  • Call screening
  • Call transferring
  • Out of hours services

This means your business activity can increasingly flow, as any calls made will always be dealt with.

4. Availability 24/7 and 365 days a year

How many of your clients work 9-5? And how many are overseas? No need to worry with a call answering service.

With services available for call answering to be out of hours, you can always have someone over the phone on both evenings and weekends. With most people working Monday- Friday, it isn’t always accessible for customers to call during business hours, which may lead in them calling a competitor. With constant availability, this gives your customers the flexibility they need.

the same can be said if you have any international dealings. Time zones don’t have to be an issue if there is always someone to answer the phone.
It really is an ideal way to make sure you never miss an important call.

5. Professionalism

The great thing with call answering is that even if don’t have a landline, it can offer you this service, even if you only have a mobile. You can have the option of choosing your own number with your local area code or opting for an 0800 number. Having your own number looks extremely professional to your clients. As a customer you would always pick an established number over a mobile phone. Especially if you’re calling from a landline yourself.

With the chance of this providing more incoming calls, it will certainly help increase your business activity.

6. Personalised touch

You don’t want your customers being put on hold or going to voicemail, do you? By utilising a call answering service your customers can have an actual interaction before they even get started. Call answerers are trained to the highest level, offering the best customer service possible. Even if a customer is calling about a complaint or a query, at least they can talk to an actual person rather than a machine. This gives a more personalised touch that they know they will always be able to speak to someone, regardless of their reason for calling.

If the customer is able to build any sort of rapport with their caller, they are more likely to feel valued. A valued customer then becomes a loyal customer, which helps your business in the long run.

With your own guidance, you can offer any scripts or advice for how you wish your calls to be answered, giving it that personal touch.

7. Turning calls into sales

It’s only logical that the more calls answered means the more potential sales. With call answering following a particular framework, this means your calls answered will always be consistent. All customers will receive the same great customer service, which eliminates the chances of taking their business elsewhere.

If you were to hire in house staff, you may not get the same consistency with call answering as frameworks can be overlooked. With call answering, there is always a standard to be met to ensure your customers are receiving the best service.

With more potential sale opportunities, can only mean good news for your profits.

8. Increase the focus of your productivity

With your calls being taken care of by someone else, this is great news for you and your staff. You can now increase your productivity and focus on your workload. There’s no need to worry about taking endless calls and you can concentrate on the task in hand.

With the phone always going off, this can potentially disrupt your staff and distract them from high priority cases. With a call answering service you can plan your days accordingly. This will only increase your business activity.

Related questions

How to answer a call professionally?

  1. Answer on the second or third ring
  2. Greet yourself, your company and asks who’s calling
  3. Be enthusiastic and welcoming
  4. Speak clearly and concisely- Avoid slang
  5. Be professional- know your industry jargon
  6. Always ask before you put on hold or arrange a call back
  7. Listen, be empathetic
  8. Build rapport, make it person
  9. Be realistic- don’t make promises you can’t keep
  10. End on a high and always ask if you can do anything else to help

How can I get better at talking on the phone?

Speaking on the phone can sometimes be daunting, but with a few techniques in place you can progress in this area.

Practice makes perfect. Call someone you’re comfortable speaking with to do a test run. Once you’re in the flow of things, it will come naturally to you.
Smiling whilst speaking will help lift your spirits. If you’re enjoying yourself, this can only bring confidence.

Creating a script can help give you more structure to a call. If you know what you’re saying, there is less need to be as nervous.

Finally, just take a deep breath. Tactical breathing can help calm your nerves. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, with control.