How Call Answering Services Can Benefit Your Business

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Do you find yourself missing numerous phone calls from potential customers because you’re just too busy and low on staff? Are you worrying that unanswered calls are creating a negative impression that might put off potential customers? If so, you may be wondering how call answering services can benefit your business.

Rather than let your calls go unattended, why not let a highly experienced and professional PA’s answer them for you? At Netcall Solutions, we can offer your business just that. Not only will this create an exceptional first impression for your business, but it will ensure that you never miss out on a business opportunity.

We offer a variety of services to suit your business’ exact requirements, such as message taking, overflow call handling, media response and much more. We have a range of price packages available and can tailor our call answering service to your budget, with calls starting from as little as 55p.

The Most Professional Call Answering Service for your Business’ Needs 

How Call Answering Services Can Benefit Your Business

Before rushing to expand your team to accommodate your business’ growing needs, have you considered all of your possible options? While increasing your workforce may seem like the ideal solution, you’ll have to go through lengthy training processes, as well as spending out on additional technology and equipment.

However, by outsourcing your calls with Netcall Solutions, you merely pay for the service itself, without having to worry about wages and funding additional company facilities. For start-ups and slightly smaller businesses without a customer services department, enlisting the help of an external company for your call answering services is a highly ideal option. For established companies, outsourcing means that you’ll be able to focus on running your business and ensure its efficiency and reputation for offering an unbeatable service without missing a beat.

Increased Efficiency and Flexibility Twenty-Four Hours a Day

At Netcall Solutions, our highly trained and experienced call centre specialist’s professionalism is one that our competitors cannot match. With over a decade of experience, we’ve mastered the art of combining speed, efficiency and a personalised approach to reflect our client’s most positively to their customers.

If your business relies on international transactions, having a call answering service is an absolute must. At Netcall Solutions, we offer a twenty-four hour, 365 days a week call answering service, which ensures time zone differences are never an issue. Better yet, you’ll avoid disappointing your customers by leaving them hanging with an automated and impersonal answer machine message.

What Call Answering Services can Netcall Solutions Offer Your Business

So, if you’re still wondering how call answering services can benefit your business, keep on reading.

Message Taking

With over a decade of experience and an array of clients from varying sectors and industries, we know just how important your business’ image and reputation is. That’s why we endeavour to answer your calls with the professionalism you would expect from your very own in-house receptionist. Whether you would prefer to receive your message taking via text, email or fax, we can adapt our service to suit your exact requirements.

Overflow Call Handling

If you’re busy, out of the office or simply need to work without being disturbed, why not divert your calls to our helpful team? Companies from a variety of sectors and industries have called upon our exceptional overflow call handling service and have not been disappointed by our level of expertise and professionalism.

Emergency Response and Escalation

At Netcall Solutions, our fully trained and experienced team are on hand to answer your emergency response and escalation calls twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Particularly useful for government and private organisations, as well as local ambulance services, the police, and healthcare providers, our team will manage your calls to your specific instructions.

Temporary Cover

Is someone in your team going away on holiday, maternity leave or temporary leave? At Netcall Solutions, our experienced PA’s can provide you with temporary cover for your incoming calls and messages, so that you won’t have to worry about missing a thing. With short-term packages starting from as little as £2 a day, it’s no wonder we see many of our temporary clients returning for our competitively priced permanent packages.

Media Response Cover

At Netcall Solutions, we understand that dealing with an influx of media and advertising enquiries can be somewhat overwhelming if you lack the staff to deal with the situation. That’s why we offer our media response cover to assist with all of your needs. Whether it’s ringing for a quotation or merely requesting literature, our talented and experienced team is more than equipped to take the stress out of your day. Better yet, we make sure to keep records of all public interaction, meaning you won’t lose out on that precious marketing data.


To find out more about how call answering services can benefit your business, and to arrange your free trial, get in touch with us by calling 0800 840 4111 today. You can also email us at, or fill out our simple online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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