How Much is a Call Answering Service?

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When looking for particular products and services, you may have come across the well-known saying, “you get what you pay for.” Call answering services are no exception. With your business in mind, you are going to want to find the most cost-effective solution that covers your needs. As technologies have grown more accessible, there is more choice than ever when considering a call answering service. We’re here to make that decision a little easier by giving you the information you need to aid you in choosing a service that makes the most business sense to your company.

What are you Looking For?

Our call answering services are often bespoke and fit to our client’s needs. It is necessary that you understand what your business requires and you have considered the following:

  • Do you want someone to take calls and pass them onto the relevant department?
  • Do you want someone to answer your calls, take messages and pass them onto you?
  • Do you want someone to answer your calls to cover sickness or annual leave?
  • Do you want someone who can process orders or manage your diary?

It is important that you know the answers to these questions so that you are getting the most out of your call answering service and not paying for services that you do not require.


Whilst shopping around for your call answering service you will notice that there are a variety of ways that companies price themselves. Some offer a cost per call or per minute which can become quite expensive quite quickly. In order to budget appropriately, you may want to look for a company that offers the following services for a fixed monthly fee:


  • Transferring calls and messages
  • Sending text messages on your behalf
  • Voicemail to email messages outside of working hours.


When negotiating your fee ensure you know exactly what you are paying for and find out if there are any hidden extras. You do not want to get hit with an unexpected charge.

The Right Fit

A good call answering service will take the time to get to know you and your business. They understand that you have a reputation to uphold and so will endeavour to remain consistent to that reputation. Although this quality of service will come with a price tag, it will also buy you the peace of mind that your customers are being taken care of to the standards they have come to expect from your business.


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