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But increasing workplace productivity isn’t only important because it empowers us to increase efficiency, as implementing workplace practices that increase productivity also have a tendency to improve relations between management and employees, and that’s an outstanding benefit. Here are five important practices to implement:

–       Communicate clearly and effectively with your employees

No business can function properly and meet its targets without clear and effective communication processes between management and employees in place.

–       Use technology in the workplace responsibly and wisely

Leveraging technology in the workplace can improve processes and increase productivity, but using it irresponsibly can have precisely the opposite effect.

–       Set your employees clear goals to achieve and provide feedback

When your employees know exactly what they have to achieve and you provide them with feedback, meeting targets and deadlines becomes more achievable.

–       Identify ‘motivation killers’ in the workplace and eliminate them

Motivation killers include a lack of organisation in the workplace, poor management-employee relations, poor communication systems, abrasive personalities, etc.

–       Outsource non-core business processes like call handling

Netcall Solutions offers a variety of call handling services, like message taking, that can empower your employees to focus upon their core tasks in the workplace.

These simple workplace productivity concepts can empower you and your employees to work to more productive levels, interact with each other on better terms, and deliver superior products and services to your customer base.

Productivity Apps for Busy People

If you’re not embracing technology you’re not going to succeed in the 21st Century, the ‘Digital Age’ as it’s often referred to. As most of us take our smartphones with us everywhere we go, utilising a productivity app can help you to get more out of your working day. There are some excellent productivity apps for Android and iOS on the app market at the moment, and you can expect many more to follow.

With so many apps on the market there is a need to identify the most suitable app for your workplace needs, so consider the following points before you select an app.

–       Your smartphone’s operating system, Android or iOS

–       Simplicity, syncing ability, and user-friendly interface

–       Your work life, your work needs and your schedule

–       How reliant you are on email, social media accounts, etc.

Some of these productivity apps will prove perfect for your life at work, and empower you to get more out of your working day, whilst other apps will likely seem completely superfluous to your needs. The trick to getting the most out of an app is selecting the right one for your individual needs.

–       Refresh

Considered one of the best ‘relationship-building’ apps on the market, Refresh is an excellent app for busy people who frequently attend business meetings. Its seamless syncing of email and social media accounts empowers businesspeople to attend meetings fully prepared. It’s also compatible with Evernote.

One of the best aspects of this well-received app is that it gives you the ability to review your past interactions with clients, customers, business peers, etc. This enables you to, for example, identify who introduced you, the last time you met, things that you have in common, and view notes you have taken about them.

–       Evernote

A great productivity app for business people who value simplicity, Evernote offers an easy-to-use interface, a remarkable array of functions and features, and it’s great for storing information and keeping focused during a busy day at the office. Or out of the office for that matter too. It’s a great app for people who frequently make to-do lists or need reminders.

–       Asana

This is a great app for managers to use, especially project managers who work with contractors and freelancers operating remotely. By putting your project management and communications all in one place, Asana takes the hassle out of managing multiple email threads. It can be used for free for teams of up to 15 people.

–       Insightly

Like Asana, Insightly is a very popular project management app, one that has been the recipient of many excellent reviews due to its ability to integrate task tracking with a variety of powerful customer relationship management tools. Its most notable features are its flexible calendar and event features, and its milestone management capabilities.

–       Sunrise

One of the best calendar apps around, Sunrise has received some great reviews for its user-friendly interface, its ability to connect seamlessly with other apps, along with its clear marking of events on the main interface which ensures you never miss an important occasion ever again. It also helps you access information about your contacts, and it’s remarkably intuitive, making this a top choice for a calendar app.

–       Contactually

As the name suggests, Contactually is an app that ‘helps you turn the people you know into the business results you need.’ And in fact, this app really does do just that. A doddle to use with its wonderfully user-friendly interface, you start off by putting contacts into ‘buckets’ and selecting the frequency in which you will follow each contact up. After that, Contactually does the rest by creating follow-ups, etc.

Increasing workplace productivity levels by using smartphone and tablet apps like those reviewed above is inherently feasible and many business managers are doing so already. Still, there are many other ways that you can increase productivity in the workplace and increase output, like outsourcing your call handling needs to Netcall Solutions, one of the leading call handling agencies in the UK.

With our telephone answering solutions like message taking and overflow call handling, not only are your employees empowered to concentrate on their core tasks, thus increasing output and productivity, but you’re also empowered to make a more professional impression upon important callers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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