Lost Calls Mean Lost Profit for UK Businesses

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Too many firms underestimate the potential of speedy telephone answering habits which is a pity as this often results in missed opportunities for boosted customer satisfaction and profits. Being unable to pick up a call or being too slow to respond can mean that you have failed to make that sale and have lost the chance to bring in more revenue.

A Simple Solution

Hiring a company that offers a telephone answering service is an easy way to ensure that all calls get through promptly and that messages and information are gathered in an accurate manner. Someone who phones you is already interested in your products and services. They have made the first move and so represent an easy way to make a sale for the business.

Instead of relying on a skeleton crew of telephone operators, outsource this need to a call bureau and ensure those calls get answered no matter the time or volume. These third party agencies may mean the difference between a month of profits and one of loss.

Crunching the Numbers

It’s obvious that businesses have a need for these phone answering services based on the available statistics for incoming customer calls in various industries.

• 24% of law firms receive calls after business hours
• Monday & Tuesday have the most incoming legal calls
• 10% of calls to estate agents occur outside business hours
• Monday & Friday have the most calls for estate agents

These numbers, although the percentages will be different, extend to all sectors. This means that companies will be losing a potential fortune by ignoring these after-hours calls and being ill-equipped to handle the increased volumes during any busy periods. With a telephone answering service though, all calls will be taken and customers will receive the service they desire. Sales and profits will then follow soon afterwards as a result.

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