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NetTel, an American call handling centre with around 20 major clients, recently realised the need to overhaul its training in order to improve customer satisfaction levels despite a low volume of caller complaints.

For years the company had operated smoothly, completely oblivious to low customer satisfaction levels until recently when one of its major clients gave it an ultimatum – raise the bar on customer satisfaction or we’ll take our business elsewhere.

Such ultimatums are hardly rare in business, but it does raise an interesting point – just how aware are you of your business’s customer satisfaction levels, and just as importantly, what changes would you usher in should you realise that your customer base isn’t satisfied with the service they’re currently receiving?

“We recognized a dramatic change needed to happen and happen quickly,” says NetTel’s vice president of operations, Mike Brunken, but despite attempts to fix the problem internally, it quickly became obvious that outside assistance was required.

Customer Service

Consistently delivering high customer service standards are essential in the modern business climate, especially since it’s widely seen as the only differentiator between businesses that offer similar products and services. When offered similar products or services at similar prices, it will always be the business that’s able to deliver the best customer service that will win the hearts of customers and establish a leading edge.

Consultancy and Training

For NetTel, identifying solutions to the problems they were experiencing required the services of an experienced consultant who performed a comprehensive audit on its reps to evaluate them by assessing their interactions with customers and identifying the areas of their interactions that were most in need of improvement.

What followed were two months of intense training for their entire rep team (30 reps) as well as management at all levels. Consultancy may not be a requirement for your business organisation, provided that you can identify the areas in need of improving upon, though it’s safe to say that customer service training is a requirement if your business isn’t delivering the kind of customer experiences your customers deserve.

NetTel had always provided training for its reps, but the problem was that they were focusing too heavily on some areas more so than others, and in this case, customer service training was overlooked in favour of IT, and products and services training.

Even the training service provider that NetTel had long worked with recognised the problem with the approach they’d been taking. “We focus more on training on the computer and products and services than we do on soft skills,” says Randi Busse of Workforce Development Group, but it was soft skill training that was required here.


Outsourcing has also long proven to be an effective means of improving customer satisfaction levels, for instance, outsourcing your message taking and call handling needs to Netcall Solutions. Our call handling services are affordable, professional, and reliable, and will help to differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors, therefore providing your business with a competitive edge.

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