Call Handling saves you time so you can focus on your business!

A missed call is a missed opertunity – Netcall Soloutions can handle your inbound calls – Start today with a free trial .

Netcall Soloutions have been providing telephone answering to businesses across the UK for 25 Years.

Professionally handling your calls allowing you to focus in your business. 

We Are Never Closed

Our call handlers operate 24/7 365 days a year.

Professional Team

All our team are based in the office in the south coast.

Expertly Trained

Our team are expertly trained to answer your calls.

Result Based

We answer all calls within 3 rings, never leave a call waiting again.

Why Use Call Handling

A virtual receptionist is a great way for companies to provide a platform to enhance their image improve relationships and increase their brand and reputation.

Never Miss a Call Again

Missing calls can have a negative impact on your business with Netcall Solutions you never need to miss a call again.

Customer Satisfaction

When inbound calls are handled quickly and efficiently it increases your new and existing customer satisfaction.

Increase Productivity

Phone calls can become a distraction for most employees. Keep your team on focus and remove distractions.

Increase customer confidence with a Virtual Receptionist

Emergency Locksmith Franchise

We have been using Netcall for our emergency line for just over 4 years. They have effectively managed our inbound calls distaputing the messages appropriately to our franchises who operate locations across the UK.

Ken Sisson
Franchise Manager

Our company

Netcall Soloutions help businesses across the UK promote a professional image and increase consumer confidence through effective call handling.

We can get you set up and benefiting from our service within 24 hour of your initial enquiry. We will work with you to develop a call handling script that fits your brand and customer experience goals. 

General Questions

Yes, you can divert your calls to us at anytime, whenever you like, as often as you like, you have complete control!

No, you simply need to subscribe to the ‘Call Diversion’ service which is provided by your network provider or utilse the diversion features within your telephone system.

You will need to contact them if you don’t already have the service in place.

Yes, We will provide you with a dedicated number just for your business calls. When your number is called this will automatically pop your screen up in front of the telephone PA, enabling them to answer with your company name and your preferred greeting!

Messages are sent via email to you immediately. You will be sent a summary of all of your calls via email every day, at a time and to an email address of your choice. We also offer a mobile phone text service for an extra 12p per message. Alternatively we can patch calls directly to your landline or mobile.

Virtual Receptionist providing
transparent communication ...

Business solutions can help you get there.

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