Outsourcing – Why Successful Businesses Do It and How It Can Aid Your Business

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‘Today, outsourcing is not just a trend; it is an integral part of how smart companies do business …’ – Harvard Business Review

In 2011 at least 94% of all Fortune 500 companies outsourced at least one business function – that figure has now reached 100%. So what can you derive from this remarkable trend? If you have ascertained that there are numerous benefits to outsourcing and that is why the most successful companies are all doing it, you would be correct.

Many of the benefits widely associated with outsourcing ‘non-core business functions’ are obvious, for example, providing core members of staff with more time to concentrate on their core tasks by reducing distractions in the workplace.

However, there are a number of additional benefits that are now widely associated with outsourcing which you may or may not be aware of. These benefits include:

  • Outsourcing helps businesses to mitigate financial risk by reducing their reliance on fulltime employees
  • Outsourcing can empower businesses to tap into and leverage a greater knowledge and talent base
  • In certain cases, outsourcing can actually help businesses to gain access to new markets by relocating the point of service delivery closer to end users

Not every benefit associated with outsourcing will apply to every business organisation, though it is safe to say that each and every business, from small family operated businesses right up to the major corporations that top Fortune 500 lists, can benefit in some way or another by intelligent outsourcing.

When Does It Make Sense To Outsource?

‘To stay competitive, a company must outsource non-core aspects of their business; because each partner brings their “core competence” to the effort, making it possible to create a best of everything organisation. As a result, all functions and processes could be world-class – something that no single company could achieve.’ – Business Week

You will find that it makes sense to outsource functions in every area that is not central to your business operations, i.e. functions that are non-core, as this will make your business more competitive by improving customer service levels, enhancing flexibility, providing access to new talent, and helping your business overcome obstacles relating to the complexity of implementing new technologies and the challenges which that often presents.

Improving Customer Service Standards through Outsourcing

Providing outstanding levels of customer service is essential in the ultra-competitive world of modern business and business organisations that fail to deliver in this regard are usually left in the wake of their competitors. Here are five reasons why you can’t afford to overlook the importance of delivering excellent customer experiences.

  • It is what your customers will remember about your business
  • Excellent customer experiences translate into word of mouth referrals
  • It may be the only contact that customers have with your business
  • Great customer service standards result in more repeat business
  • Customer service standards reflect on every aspect of your business

Each and every one of the reasons listed above is a reason in itself to take the provision of outstanding customer experiences seriously and leverage every opportunity that presents itself to improve your customer service standards.

Whilst it is safe to say that there are many outstanding benefits associated with the provision of positive customer experiences, it can also be said that that poor customer service takes many forms and that it frequently has the effect of driving customers away – often right into the open arms of a competing business.

It is important to remember that all it takes is just one poor customer experience to snowball into a major public image problem, especially in the social media era where word has a tendency to travel faster than wildfire. This can not only undermine the efforts that you have made to attract new customers, but also undermine your efforts to maintain your existing customer base and make it more difficult to attract and maintain customers in the future.

But are you able to recognise the signs of declining customer service standards and what would you do to turn that trend around? Some of the many tell-tale signs of declining customer service standards include not having employees dedicated to answering your incoming calls, having a poor call transfer system in place that results in customers being transferred from one department to the next, and not having a direct means of customer contact, which social media and email are not.

Outsourcing applicable non-core business functions can help your business to provide excellent customer service experiences, the kind of experiences that translate into tangible returns. This could involve, for instance, outsourcing your call handling needs to a dedicated call centre like Netcall Solutions with a team based locally, not overseas, that is trained in all aspects of the art of call handling and can guarantee exceptional results.

You have many options to consider when entering into an obligation-free contract with a leading call centre, for instance:

  • Overflow call handling. There will always be times when you and your employees are too busy to answer the phone, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the opportunities those calls present.
  • Temporary cover. What happens if your receptionist is sick or goes on holiday? Temporary cover is available at a moment’s notice when you need it.
  • Message taking. Whenever you are in a meeting, out of the office or too busy to answer the phone, have your calls diverted to a call handling centre and they’ll take your messages on your behalf.
  • Media response. When businesses embark upon a new advertising or marketing campaign they need to be prepared for an increased inflow of incoming calls.

By utilising one or more of these cost effective call handling options, your business will be better able to deliver the kind of customer experiences that bring about positive and tangible results, for instance, favourable word of mouth referrals, more repeat business and enhanced customer loyalty – results that the world’s most successful companies are currently enjoying. As could yours.

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