Poor Telephone Manner Turning Away Potential Customers

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A recent UK survey uncovered the unfortunate statistic that 25% of consumers think retailers deliver poor performance over the phone. About 68% of respondents said they would be put off that particular company and would look elsewhere when experiencing poor phone manners.

This is serious news for any business owner especially since 53% of UK consumers tend to call up before visiting in person. The survey also found that 70% thought that the following were signs that a company was poorly run:

• Staff failing to answer calls promptly
• Calls being sent directly to voicemail
• Unhelpful or impolite telephonists

So that you cater to these customers, it is important to hire a team of trained phone specialists. These professionals will answer all incoming calls in a manner that retains your customers and encourages a greater number of sales. They will do this by incorporating the following techniques into their telephone manner:

• Greeting the caller by asking, “How may I help you?” or some other variant
• Saving time by recognising when the person calling is a repeat customer
• Quickly identifying the action that will provide the required assistance
• Using the customer’s full name to promote rapport during the phone call
• Showing care by asking if there are any additional concerns or problems
• Working out the individual’s timeframe when dealing with their needs

Through careful research by the UK’s top call management companies, it has been found that these actions are essential when it comes to over-the-phone service and retaining your customers in the future. By hiring a team who knows the proper telephone manner, you can get the most out of your incoming calls and ensure that your clients are happy with your service. In this way, you won’t put the public off when they call to ask about your particular products or services.

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