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Technological advances continue to shape and mould the world of business, but few technologies, if any at all, have made anywhere near the impact on the way we do business that the humble telephone – now the feature-laden smartphone – has.

It could, of course, be argued that technologies such as the internet have increased the reach of companies of all sizes – and in many cases levelled the playing field for small businesses – but no one could successfully argue that the telephone isn’t the most important business tool of all time, or that it doesn’t lie at the heart of business.

It’s the most direct form of communication – And it’s instant

With instant messaging apps and other forms of digital communication we’re able to instantly communicate with each other, but none are as direct as the telephone.

Sure, you can message someone via SMS or by using WhatsApp or another instant messaging service and they’ll receive your message immediately, but is it as direct as calling them on the phone? Of course not, no form of communication is as direct as the telephone.

When you use the phone to communicate, you’re eliminating wait times, mitigating the likelihood of a message being misunderstood, and you can also be certain that your customer, employee or business partner got the message you were delivering.

They’re affordable, universal and everyone has access to one

Telephones are increasingly affordable, they’re available in every part of the world, and nowadays, absolutely everyone has access to one, whether it’s a handheld device like a smartphone or a landline at their home or place of business.

The telephone therefore represents a universal means of communication that unifies people, it allows everyone to communicate with each other in real time, and it makes it so much easier for us to conduct business.

Naturally, some businesses are more reliant on other forms of communication than the telephone, but as it’s such a cost-effective, reliable means of communication that everyone can be reached with – especially now that everyone seems to have one in their pocket – it isn’t about to be supplanted by any other technology anytime soon.

People still want to talk to other people – And they always will

It’s been said that it’s the older generations who are keeping telephone usage alive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst younger generations may prefer to use instant messaging apps or send text messages, those forms of communication still aren’t as conducive to making an enquiry, registering a complaint or accessing the information they require from a business as the phone. And they never will be.

Moreover, people will always want to talk to other people, which is why businesses outsource their message taking needs to Netcall Solutions. We recognise that the telephone still lies at the heart of business, that it’s still the most important business tool, and that if businesses want to convey an impression of professionalism, only the highest customer service standards provided by professional operators will do.

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