Top Five Reasons to Outsource Your Calls

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Regardless of which industry you work in, the process of training new employees in customer service can be a costly and complicated one. This is why enlisting the business answering services of companies like Netcall Solutions is an increasingly popular choice. Our contact centres encompass numerous inbound services including customer support, sales enquiries, processing, troubleshooting as well as message taking.

Business owners can rest assured knowing that their customer calls will be answered by highly trained operatives who are professional and courteous at all times. Keep reading below to find out the full range of benefits to outsourcing your calls via bespoke business answering services.

Reason #1 – Cost Reduction

business answering services

There are numerous fees involved in setting up your customer services team if you’re doing it in-house. You will need to invest in brand new equipment and technology that can be costly. Additionally, you have to consider the cost of facilities as well as staffing. When you add up the aforementioned fees with what you would normally pay for customer service representatives by the hour, the total sum can be staggering.

When you enlist the services of an outsourced call centre, the costs will be spread out across many different clients who will pay on a transactional basis. This approach minimises idle time and enables a much lower cost per call rate.

Reason #2 – Efficiency

It is much more efficient to outsource your calls to a centre because you won’t have to deal with the complicated setup process we have described above. This is especially true for start-ups and newer businesses who haven’t created a dedicated customer services department yet. However, even for established brands, going over to an outsourced option will offer numerous benefits in the long run.

Outsourcing your calls to a team of professionals will also add a great level of reassurance for your clients. Companies offering business answering services will only employ professionals whose specialty is a top quality phone manner.

Reason #3 – Trained Employees

Newly trained customer service employees will simply not be able to match the professionalism and phone manner that call centre specialists can offer. An increase in speed and efficiency is guaranteed when using people who have been providing business answering services for many years.

You won’t have to worry about your company being misrepresented in any way. All of our employees are highly trained professionals who have answered calls for a wide variety businesses across numerous industries. Our expert call takers are fast learners who will fully dedicate themselves to understanding your company’s nature and representing it with confidence.

Reason #4 – Flexibility

An outsourced call centre will operate around the clock – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that your customers will never have to be disappointed by an automated message informing them that you are currently closed and will not be able to help them with their enquiry.

Having 24-hour support guarantees that you will never lose potential business opportunities due to mismatched time zones and other issues. It’s an amazing advantage to have a dedicated professional ready to take calls at all times and help out your clients.

Reason #5 – Advanced Technology

You can rest assured that busy outsourced call centres will always be on the lookout for the very latest in customer contact technology. Sourcing this technology specifically for your business may be a very costly undertaking while outsourced call centres who provide business answering services will be able to spread the costs out due to serving numerous clients simultaneously.

In the past few years, contact centre technology has undergone massive developments and breakthroughs. A lot of these new innovations have been designed to improve both the productivity of the agents as well as customer satisfaction. Purchasing, maintaining and constantly upgrading telephony equipment will make your budget take a serious hit. You won’t have to worry about any of that when you choose to outsource as professionals like Netcall Solutions will take care of that for you and you will be able to direct those funds somewhere else.

Business answering services by Netcall Solutions

Netcall Solutions has been providing business answering services since 2007. Our dedicated team members work 24/7 offering any and all phone services. From overflow call handling to a media response service and everything in between, we can do it all at amazing prices that our competitors will not be able to match.

Why us? Just read what our customers have to say about us. With more than a decade of valuable industry experience, we are in a unique position to offer unparalleled outsourcing services. We have expanded into one of the most trusted call bureaus in the UK for both temporary and permanent support.

Contact us today for more information about what we can offer your business. You can call us anytime on Freephone 0800 840 4111 or send your enquiry via e-mail to

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