Why Every Small Business Should Consider a Telephone Answering Service

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We’ve been offering call handling services for small businesses handling for over 20 years. In that time we’ve helped to solve problems for countless small businesses with our telephone answering services, helping them portray a professional image. Today we wanted to share with you why we think every small business owner should consider a call handling service.

Why we believe every small business should consider a telephone answering service

Call handling can help small business owners who simply don’t have a lot of time to focus on the telephone. Our small business telephone answering service lets business owners and their team to focus on the task in hand without constant interruptions. Our call handling experts provide a professional inbound call answering service that you can rely on.

However, as a small business owner you might have concerns over outsourcing your inbound calls, as you might think it means you are going to lose control. With our services that’s not the case, as we aim to be an extension of your small business that you can trust.

3 reasons why missing calls can negatively affect your business

  1. Existing clients complain due to lack of availability and communication – This is a common issue for small business owners while working on projects or tight deadlines. Negative customer experiences travel quickly and as a new business you cannot afford any negative press.
  2. Wasting marketing efforts due to missing new client calls – The heart of all business is customer acquisition. If your small business is growing and expanding it’s inevitable that you could miss calls and waste marketing budget by doing so.
  3. New and existing clients create a negative impression – when a new or existing client cannot get hold of you they may feel undervalued. This feeling in new and existing clients is very hard to resolve once it’s happened.

What are the benefits of call handling for small businesses?

Give time back to your staff and you

Running a small business can be stressful and time consuming. Effective time management is crucial to making a success of your business. One of the biggest time-consuming tasks in any business whether large or small is call handling. This is even more important in small businesses where there might not be the resources to have a full-time receptionist or administration staff.

Implementing a call handling service lets you prioritise customer calls and fend of sales calls. By using a virtual receptionist you can give you or your staff more time back to focus on the important tasks.

Opportunity to grow quickly

Most small business have larger aspirations. However, once your business experiences rapid growth it can struggle to provide new and existing customers new with the service they have come to expect. It can be a bit of a chicken and egg situation, as you need more enquiries and sales to be able to employ the staff to offer the service. As professional call handlers, we can help you with busy periods whether that’s a new marketing campaigns or by acting as an extension of your business while growing your client base.

Increase productivity

You will be able to let everyone in your business focus on their jobs without having to become a slave to a ringing phone. This will lead to an increase in productivity. When you opt for a call handling solution you can let your staff stay focused. Our call handling service for small businesses gives you and your employees exactly this.

Your calls will be answered professionally, quickly, and messages will be passed through to you securely and in real-time, this allows you and your team prioritise what’s important.

Cost-effective specialist call handlers

As an employer you will know that certain members of your team have strengths in certain places, and might not always have a great telephone manner. Our team of expert call handlers work as a professional extension to your business. They will be trained to work with your custom scripts so it will appear that any callers are talking with your business, and not an outsourced telephone answering service.

We have also tailored our service so that it can be billed on a cost per minute basis. This can be a great option for for small businesses as you only pay for the minutes you use.

We price our services based on customer feedback and understand the frustrations of signing up to a monthly plan where minutes might roll over or be cancelled completely. You could even experience high excess charges when plans are exceeded. We want to provide small business owners across the UK with a cost effective call handling solution with fair and accurate pricing.

Why do small businesses outsource inbound call handling?

Answering the phones as a small business can take you and your staff away from daily operations. Keeping up with incoming enquiries from new and existing customers can take you away from key tasks and slow down productivity.

This can then create frustration in your team and possibly lead to poor customer service when the phones are answered. Our small business customers see call handling as a way of maintaining a professional and customer focused approach whilst not distracting employees from their key responsibilities.

We run a fully manned 24/7 call centre in the UK that is run by professional experienced call handlers who are ready to help your customers. This allows you to maintain a productive workflow within your small business without constant interruption.

How long does it take to setup call handling in your small business?

Using our experience of call handling for many small business owners across the UK, we can help you craft an expertly written script that puts your customers at the forefront of every call. With your co-operation and sign off we can have your call handling service set up and implemented very quickly leaving you to work on your business while we handle your calls.

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