Why the Phone Matters in Customer Experience

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Customer experience is the product of an interaction between an organisation and a customer over the duration of their relationship. In a nutshell, it’s about how your business makes that customer feel through their journey with you. In a world where there is so much choice for the consumer you need something that will ensure your customers keep coming back to you. A positive customer experience will go a long way and the phone is a good place to start.

Calls Build Relationships

When was the last time you purchased something of importance? Whilst buying a product or service can be enjoyable it can also be a stressful process. Ecommerce is taking the retail world by storm and whilst a website is key to reaching out to many of your customers, having a phone number where they can contact you may be the missing something in your customer experience, whether it’s just to confirm payment terms or to find out vital information. By having the option to be contacted by phone you are letting that customer know that you are there for them. It offers a far more personalised service that helps you get to know your customers, what they want, how they feel about your product. These relationships not only enhance customer experience but they make brilliant business sense too as they can give you feedback on how to improve your service.

People now expect a personalised service. They want to feel valued by the companies that they spend their money with. They have big ideas of how they want to be treated and won’t think twice about posting a negative review about your business if they feel they haven’t been treated right. Investing in your business where you have well trained, knowledgeable employees that are ready and available on the end of the phone to engage with your customers in a friendly and honest way may seem like a big risk when outlaying the cost for them but is an investment that will keep on returning as it is one of the most sought after things that consumers look for. Who really wants to talk to an answer machine? It could be the difference between a sale or looking elsewhere.

Business Essential

The bottom line is this: if you make a customer feel good about your business, they’ll keep coming back to you. Your availability and how you interact with customers on the phone are vital to this as the experience the customer has with you could be the deciding factor of them choosing you over your competitor. Customer experience is not just a business extra, it’s business essential.

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