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The telephone is an essential tool for virtually business – regardless of your industry or area of specialisation. Answering the phone is a routine part of the day for most companies, though it’s all too common for companies to overlook the value in outsourcing this service to a third party.

With that in mind, we’re going to outline several of the potential benefits that your organisation could enjoy by chartering a live answering service. As you’ll see, taking advantage of this service can assist with all of the following:

How Will a Live Answering Service Benefit My Business

  • Improving efficiency
  • Creating a stronger and more professional image
  • Increasing availability
  • Eliminating unnecessary expenses


In the following sections, we’ll go into greater detail to outline exactly how an answering service can help you accomplish all of the above and more.


Encourage greater efficiency in the office

Telephone calls are an essential element for most successful businesses. They enable fast communication amongst colleagues and allow for affordable sales campaigns. Queries, consultations and customer service can all be carried out by telephone.

However, every time that phone rings, it can also serve as a disruption. You can’t control when incoming calls are going to be placed, and there’s certainly no guarantee that they’ll come at a time that’s convenient for you and your crew.

Live answering services provide you with the opportunity remain focused on other aspects of your operation. At the same time, you can rest assured that all of your calls are being handled by professionals, allowing for greater efficiency across the board.


Increase your company’s availability

Another strong advantage of a live answering service for small business operators is the ability to dramatically increase your company’s window of availability. It’s all too common for small businesses to only be available during standard business hours. This may be reasonable enough for those companies that deal primarily with B2B clients, though only if they operate in the same time zone as your team.

However, if you’re customers are private citizens rather than organisations, then it’s much more likely that they’re going to call in outside of regular business hours. These calls could very well turn into on-the-spot sales, or they could develop into leads that you can nurture over time. However, all of this is ultimately for nothing if the caller is unable to reach you.

By chartering an answering service, you can ensure that your callers receive prompt and pointed assistance regardless of when they try to get in touch with you. This makes the company appear to be more professional and customer-service oriented. Given the fact that it also widens your window of opportunity for sales, it’s also a service that’s likely to pay for itself in short order – even offering a handsome return on investment.


Eliminate costly distractions

Today’s professionals are more distracted than ever before, thanks in no small part to the cacophony of alerts produced by our mobile devices. Virtually everyone realises that all of these interruptions are counter-productive, but the extent to which they affect on-the-job performance is often underestimated.

There has been plenty of research conducted on the effects of distraction. In one experiment, test takers were told to read a short passage and answer questions about it. One group was interrupted whilst taking the test, and they ended up underperforming the control group by about 20%. In another round, test takers were told that they would be interrupted, but then they were not. This group – in a subconscious effort to prepare for distractions that never came – ended up outperforming the control group.

The takeaway from this study is twofold. First, even the slight distraction created by a phone call can dramatically reduce a person’s productivity and level of performance. Second, being able to anticipate distractions is essential to maintaining productivity. Needless to say, taking advantage of live phone answering is an excellent way to reduce distraction in the workplace.

Enhance your organisation’s professional image

Taking advantage of a phone-answering and message-taking service is about more than seeing to it that you never miss another call. It also serves to boost your company’s professional image.

You see, the teams that offer these services are expertly trained and highly specialised. Answering telephone calls is their sole responsibility, and a significant level of training has been invested in them. It’s rare that your in-house receptionist will have such a high level of training and experience.

It’s worth noting that every business has an area of specialisation – a niche or sector in which you are naturally positioned to excel. Teams like ours specialise in answering the telephone, handling callers and assisting with other administrative tasks. The fact that we’re specialists means that we are almost certainly going to be better equipped for the task than a team with a different area of specialisation.

When you make the switch to a professional answering service, your clients and customers are going to notice the difference – even if it’s only in passing. They’re going to receive a higher level of service when they call in, and this is only going to make them think more highly of your company or organisation.

Cut down on training expenses

Training a new hire is an expensive process once you take all of the variables into account. Proper training requires a range of materials, and it’s naturally going to take some time in order to be successful. Beyond that, it’s also necessary to train the trainer. To that end, getting a new receptionist up to speed on how to best handle the lines – as well as how to address enquiries and concerns – is going to require significant time and company resources.

Taking advantage of services like ours allows you to leave the training to the professionals. This frees you and your team up to focus on other issues. In that sense, significant savings can result.

Conclusion: Call Answering Services are Worth It

Once you’ve taken all of the above into account, it becomes clear that live call answering is definitely worth looking into. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to call Netcall Solutions to find out how we can help to streamline operations for your organisation.